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Do you experience pain in your vagina?

Do you know where your cervix is?

Pain in any area of the Yoni can be caused by trauma.  This trauma can be due to many different reasons. Physical trauma, sexual trauma, emotionally trauma – the list of trauma-causing events are numerous. As women (female bodies) our physical bodies can hold the effects of trauma.  This can manifest as many and various emotional issues, relationship issues, and sexual issues including pain in the vagina and vulva, especially (but not limited) during sex.


I would like to address sexual trauma, in particular, in this blog. Specifically, sexual events that we may not even be aware of.  Yes, those events that we were not conscious of what was happening at the time.  This may include things that happened during a very inebriated (drunk or stoned) state, where we either consented to sex even though we had no idea what was going on, or we were actually unconscious at the time (which is  rape).  Or… sexual trauma experienced during a medical exam or procedure. Whaaat!??  Yes.  

Another other form of sexual and physical trauma can happen, and often has to many women, during a gynecologist exam.  Think about it.  We go into our gynecologist office for an exam, uneducated, unaware. Sometimes at a very young age. And suddenly our Yoni is being poked and prodded and then a cold speculum in shoved inside us, prying open the introitus and vaginal walls!  Then, they stick a long swab up into the cervix area and “swab” around!

Now and in the past decade or so, thankfully, some doctors are better educated and therefore very conscious, communicative, and compassionate when performing gyno examinations.  However, some are not.

For many females, the whole experience of the gynecologist visit can be stressful, to say the least. It’s no wonder that some avoid or even refuse to make a gynecologist appointment. Also, if the doctor is male, this can also be emotionally uncomfortable and triggering for some, and then if the exam itself is painful or very physically uncomfortable, the result is sexual trauma.

The other, shocking fact that I recently became aware of is that many women experience sexual trauma when under anesthesia at a medical centre or hospital.  Yes, while under the care of someone we trust, our doctor(s).  It has been a common practice for medical students to practice performing pelvic exams on unsuspecting, non-consenting, unconscious female patients. Usually, many students practicing on the same patient, one after another, over and over again. Seriously?!  This was news to me as well, shocking and outrageous, but not surprising, as many doctors (and governments) feel that we have no autonomy over our own bodies.  It gave me a nauseous feeling… my first thought was WTF?!! But, as I have learned, gynecology has a dark history.

“Uncomfortable; Humiliating; Traumatic”... are words patients use too often to describe ordinary pelvic exams. 

It is very upsetting to know that women have been traumatized by what are considered “normal” practices and procedures in Western gynecology.  It is heartbreaking when clients tell me that they have pain ‘deep into’ or at the ‘top of their vagina’ during self-pleasure and sexual intercourse.  (Many women are not aware that this area is their cervix.) It makes me sick to think that this unethical medical teaching practice may be the casue of trauma for so many.

These assaults on women are now, finally being brought to light. An interesting documentary, “At Your Cervix  is in the works and I am scheduling a watch party for all of my subscribers and clients. so we can watch together and then afterwards have a discussion.

I am hopefult, that with bringing to light these atrocious medical teaching practices, they will soon be halted.  But right now, and more importantly - how can we overcome and heal the effects of these traumas?

Fortunately, Tibetan 5 Element Tantra has given me the methods and techniques to heal from these experiences -  physically, sexually, emotionally, and psychologically.  To heal ny vagina and reclaim my cervix as one of my pleasure zones.  It can do the same for you. I would be honored to teach you these methods and help you heal pain and blocks that are being held within your body.

Reach out for more information and opt in to receive notice of the watch party for the "At Your Cervix" documentary coming soon!

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