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Somatic Body Work with Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment

Combining Somatic touch with Energy Healing helps the body to release, heal, and overcome issues being held in the nervous system.  These issues can include any number of fight, flight, or freeze reactions in certain situations and occur as a result of trauma experienced by the body and mind. 

  Trauma can be described as any experience in which the nervous system perceives an overwhelming threat. These traumatic experiences can be recent, from childhood (eg: attachment trauma or developmental trauma), and even generational trauma.

Thoughts, emotions, and sensations in the body are all interconnected, influencing and impacting one another. Soma means "body" or "of the body," the whole body, and to be whole we need to overcome blocks and open the channels of healing.  Somatic body therapies coupled with energy work (similar to Reiki) can accomplish this 

It is important to understand that experiences of trauma are processed (or not processed) differently by each individual and can manifest in the body and psyche in diverse ways.  What might be considered an extreme trauma by some, may not seem as severe to others and judgement or dismissive attitudes from others can be very detrimental.  The symptoms can be subtle or extreme and can include emotional issues such as (but not limited to) disassociation, hypervigilance, avoidant behaviors, mood swings, disconnection from body, nausea, self medicating, or self-harm.

Somatic therapy and energy work first involves discussion and evaluation and, of course, ongoing consent by the client.  Somatic and energy work are improved with visualizations and breathing techniques, which are taught and instructed before a somatic session.

To set up a consultation to find out if these therapies are for you, please:

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