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What Clients Say...

Image by Blake Carpenter

As a couple, we went to Alana to learn Tantric Massage just for fun. We were not disappointed. We had a fun and informative first session!

We learned breathing techniques, meditations, and massage techniques that we really enjoyed and will continue to practice on our own.


Alana provided a comfortable and safe environment for learning, growth and fun! We would recommend this to any couple who wants to share a new experience, push their boundaries, or delve into a new world of intimacy.

M & S, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Image by Drew Hays

"I have been seeing Alana for about 6 months now and my life has completely turned around for the better.  Every time I leave one of our sessions, I feel like I’m floating on a cloud like a weight lifted off my chest.

Very easy to talk to I feel like I can tell her anything without her casting judgment towards me.  I can discuss topics with her that I don’t feel I can with anyone else. The pandemic was very hard on me, and Alana has helped me deal with the PTSD from that time in my life.


I’m really enjoying the Tibetan 5 Element knowledge and meditations.  They are definitely helping me in my sensuality, sexuality, and my daily life.

 If you are feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, having relationship issues or interested in learning new meditation and/or learning tantra practices I highly recommend you go see Alana.  You won’t regret it, just the opposite, you will be so glad you did!"

~Jacob E., Winnipeg, MB

Man with Checkered Shirt


Working with Alana has been a wonderful gift and has helped me learn some beautiful fundamental practices to mindfully bring the sacred into my sexual experiences. 

Her grounded beauty and charm will leave you feeling at ease the moment you meet her. 

She has helped me open to the pleasures of my life and heart. 

I am grateful for her presence and guidance.

Beach Yoga


Alana is a gifted therapist and healer. I felt respected, safe and professionally guided during my Session. Her expertise allowed for my emotional release, personal transformation and deep spiritual connection. Thanks Alana, I am Forever Grateful!”

Image by Amir Esrafili

"I've been meaning to message you the last couple of weeks.  I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have met you and learned from you.  I can't imagine dealing with the battles I've had to deal with in the last 3 years without learning from you.  It's almost daily that I'm using your techniques and meditations just to get thru some days that I couldn't imagine not having those tools at my disposal to help my mental and emotional well being.  So thank you so very much!"

~ Darcy

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Couple Hugging

Doug & Tina

Our sessions with Alana :
They have created a greater awareness of both ourselves and also as a couple
We found the teachings have brought our close relationship even closer
We felt very comfortable sharing our thoughts and experiences with Alana and being open about our challenges and expectations
This process has made us much more comfortable in our skin and has increased both our sensuality and sexuality
Alana is warm and engaging and puts us at easy quickly and was always responsive to our questions via text or email.
It was a good experience and provided another tool for the tool belt!

Senior Woman


I am really pleased that I connected with Alana. She has helped me to open up and embrace my sexuality. It's an on going journey of self discovery, and with Alana's knowledge 

and support, I have moved through mountains. I am a "late bloomer" who is learning that it is never too late.

Thank you Alana.

Mature Woman


I am in agreement that Alana gears her treatment on a individual basis. Her caring approach to help and treat you is very evident when you see her. She is very centered with a deep knowledge and a passion of treatment geared to help heal. In the massage/reiki she performed she was able to pick up on all the areas that need work. Her massage was the best one that I had.  It was relaxing healing and very uplifting. She is very talented and I recommend her very highly. I continue to incorporate  her recommendations for healing at home.   I am more conscious and aware of my body.   I can’t wait to she her again. Very uplifting !!! 

Expectant Couple

“Our experience with Alana was such a wonderful time of learning and growing. We would already have considered ourselves a strong communicative couple at the beginning of our time with Alana, but she really helped us take it to another level.  This time allowed us to learn more about ourselves and about each other and we continue to communicate more openly and accept each other more deeply than ever before. 


Alana provided such a safe and supportive environment that made it easy to open up and feel heard. She was so good at identifying opportunities for growth for both of us and backed that up with tools that really made a difference. She always made hard conversations feel light and easy. And her presence alone is truly one of a goddess. You can know you are in good hands with Alana, and that she has truly done the work, because the joy and peace she has worked towards radiate from her. I remember at the end of one call with Alana, I told her I love her lol. She just genuinely makes you feel so cared for and loved that you want to reciprocate it.


We are so grateful to have crossed paths with Alana and look forward to learning and growing with her more as we welcome our first child into the world!


Thank you Alana!!“


~ Brittany D. & Kale E.


Sessions via ZOOM

Video Conference

"I first came to Alana in a pretty low vibrational state. I found that my sexual dysfunction would keep me in a victim mindset and unmotivated to move forward. Thankfully, Alana was very patient with me and gave me an arsenal of tools to use in different situations.

Every zoom session with her was a breath of fresh air and felt like her positivity and compassion were contagious. Not only is she very knowledgeable in Tantric practices to bring sexual balance back into your life, she can also use non-Tantric approaches for people who can't yet handle the wild nature of sexual energy just yet. She does an amazing job using her intuition to come up with tailored routines based on individual situations.

All of this and she is absolutely wonderful. She stays grounded and gives you suggestions from a place of strength and clarity. She is kind, heart-based (which I love), professional and respectful. She is a beautiful human being, both inside and out, and has been an absolute blessing to me and my journey towards spiritual and sexual empowerment. I am forever grateful to have her as a teacher and guide."

~ Amal A.

New YorkY, NY

via ZOOM

Image by pawel szvmanski

When I first met Alana I found her to be someone that I just wanted to stare at.  There was something about her that I wanted to see, observe, and capture. What was it? How did she exude such magic, grace, confidence, love, acceptance, and inclusion with nothing but a smile.  


When I needed Alana, when I became ill, she profoundly affected my life.  I have always been a sexually oriented and aware person. From an early age I was able to achieve orgasm with what a psychologist claimed was a "self-soothing" mechanism for a child left alone much of the time.  So when I became ill after a recent trip to Cuba, and lost feeling in literally half my lower body from the female genetalia, buttocks and right side of my leg and was unable to feel anything on the right side I became afraid, terrified actually, as the doctors could not identify a reason for it or answer and likewise, my fear that I would never be able to feel myself or reach orgasm again.


When I told Alana about it, the first thing I felt from her was that anything was possible and I had nothing to worry about because she knew what to do and would help me.  That positive affirmation likely more then anything gave me a confidence to trust another women with something so sacred and personal to me. 


Alana guided me through a session that helped me focus, breathe, visualize and see my libido and orgasm as much more then a sleep aid (putting it simply), but rather an experience to be entertained and expanded and be curious about rather then a destination.  She was patient and sensitive and kind and walked me through an experience and process that was almost instantly a success and alleviation of all fear and anxiety. 


It wasn’t long after that, that healing came to me by extraordinary means and not long after that answers that included a disc pressing on my spine and causing a bundle of nerves to be affected. 


I am so grateful to Alana for being a part of my recovery and for being a willing teacher expanding my knowledge and understanding."

Sherry H.

I found Alana during Covid, and took a series of on line classes with her top dive deep into learning tantra. I immediately found her to be friendly, accepting, warm and caring. It became quite easy to open up to her, and to discuss virtually anything, including sex.


With Alana, I learned that there is much, much more to tantra than just having sex for longer and longer periods of time. She connected the sexual, the body, the mind, with the spiritual, in ways that really worked for me. I was amazed at these connections, as someone who grew up with a typically western limited understanding of his they could be connected.


Alana went into great detail about chakras, emotions, my body, dreams, thoughts and especially meditations. The meditations she taught me have become part of my daily practice still, many months later.  I cannot overstate the importance of these practices. The meditations and practices have helped me survive the isolation of Covid quarantine, and to even thrive. They have helped me relax, helped me connect myself to nature and the universe, helped me gain far greater control over my emotions and also my sexuality. They have helped me find pleasure in ways and places I never thought possible. They have helped bring joy to my life at a time when many people struggle badly. And they have helped me in my relationship with my wife.


Finally, and most importantly to me, is the personal connection I felt during our sessions. It is one thing to have knowledge, which Alana and others have. It is quite another to help someone feel comfortable, feel listened to, feel genuinely cared for. That connection we formed helped me open up and share, which led to a deeper understanding of the practices she taught me. I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing, improve their relationships, improve their pleasure and joy in life, and improve their mind-body-spirit connections schedule sessions with Alana. I cannot thank her enough for the positive influence she has had on my life in these challenging times!!

Bob B., United States

Sessions via ZOOM

Image by Diego Sulivan


I'm a very shy person by nature so when I first saw Alana I was intimidated by her beauty, but she quickly made me feel comfortable and safe.

She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she truly cares about helping people,

I am very grateful she chose her path to help others.

I highly recommend Alana

Fit Man


Alana is a very professional Tantrica. I was very nervous meeting with her for the first time since Tantra was simply a concept I heard about but didn't quite know what to expect. I have a very highly demanding job but through sessions with her I learned to relax, meditate and pick up on stress signs.

She is very in the moment during sessions, she takes time to explain methods and details of things such as self-love, self expression, how to feel more connected with your partner at home, maintaining a good stamina, good overall health, how move on with life as things happens to you or around you and most of all, learning about yourself. She also provides great resource material to read / review.


Man Portrait


When I went to Alana, I thought I was going for help for one thing in a narrower context. Little did I know the world she would open up for me in a wider context, much wider than the world that we commonly experience.  The sessions provided a base for a more deeper and gratifying experience, not only of the tantric experiences, but also of the everyday world.  Alana taught not only her method, but more importantly, by her example.  Being an example is the best teacher. 

Senior Man in Black

" I have been interested in Tantra for decades but have been unable to find anyone local that seemed to be teaching anything that even looked Authentic.  You can find lots on the internet but upon closer inspection much of it isn't tantra at all.  Alana was trained by IATE which is recognized by the government and authorized to be used a sexual healing modality. They are being guided by Lama Tasha who is under the Dali Lama. It just doesn't get anymore authentic unless your capable of time travel.


Alana is a kind caring individual who is easy to talk to about the sensitive topic of sex, and clearly healing is a calling to her. I have been seeing her for about a year now. I work in the very stressful healthcare industry and when I started with Alana I wasn't sure I could get out of bed and go to work anymore, I am 62. I was depressed and wasn't sure I could do it anymore. A short time later I was sure I could do it but getting in horrendous fights with my bosses due to my poor handling of the stress. She is always quick to make time for her patients in distress and after one such fight. She made time for a phone session while I was at work. I was not into the phone and Skye type of sessions originally but since doing a few with her. I have to say they have been some of our most productive sessions. The one I am talking about was a turning point in my work life, and I am now capable of dealing with the stress of work, gracefully without yelling.


I love Tantra and am very grateful for finally finding someone like Alana to teach it to me. Tantra is great because you can take all of it or just the pieces that work for you. I choose all but that's not for everyone. What is for everyone is Alana Dayne. She has a wide skill set beyond Tantra and is a very skilled kind caring knowledgeable counselor everyone could benefit from knowing."

~ Chris H.

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