Consultations are held through ZOOM (link will be emailed to you), or by phone.  Sessions are currently being held through ZOOM, with some in-person sessions available in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - while Covid-19 guidelines and rules allow.

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Any information submitted through this form or shared via email, text, video, or in-person with Alana Dayne is kept in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared to a 3rd party.  Your privacy and confidence in these services is of the utmost importance.   If you have any questions in this regard, please reach out.


Services & Fees

For details of what is involved in each offering above, please use contact form above.

In-person sessions are held in Winnipeg or in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada.

Meditation Teaching & Coaching

Online - $50/hour

In-person - $80/hour

Life & Relationship Counseling & Coaching

Online - $50/hour

In-person - $80/hour

Tantra Instruction & Coaching

Online - $80/hour

In-person $110/hour

Couples Counseling


(Includes Communication & Connection methods, Tantra techniques)

Online- $80/ hour

In-person - 110/hour

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