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Overcoming and Healing

Image by Fernando Brasil

Real Healing means being able to move Forward with

your Life

The body holds onto the memories and the emotions of past events, and even though our mind knows we need to heal, it can be very difficult and feel overwhelming.


We may try different types of "medical" therapies and found that the methods (or medications) prescribed can only take us so far.  That is because most of these methods only treat the symptoms - the physical and emotional results of the traumatic event or events. Or worse, some forms of "talk therapy" involve reliving the event over and over in discussion. These memories are held within our cellular tissue and so our nervous system keeps reliving them each time we consciously or unconsciously tap into the memories.  This can result in continued stress to the body in the form of detrimental hormones and chemicals that are  not meant to be continuously released into the body -  such as cortisol, glucagon, prolactin and more.  This continued process can result in physical conditions, dis-ease, pain, or emotional issues.  But the root cause of the pain is never really addressed in these types of therapy.  I am not talking about who or what was responsible for the evert itself.  I am talking about the wounding and subsequent unconscious programing of the body and mind.

Put simply, our nervous system often reacts to the memory of an event, or the projected future scenario of an event (worry) in the same way it would if the event were happening right now - it releases the chemicals and hormones of "fight, flight, freeze, or fawn" so our body can deal with the threat.

So if the body has memory and the nervous system is responding to these memories, we can say that the body is programmed to react in a certain way.  So it would make sense then that in order to change the way our body reacts - we need to change the programming - we need to rewire our brain and our body.


Only then can we truly be free.

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