Elemental Tantra


Tantra.  What is it? 

Today, Tantra is used in many contexts by many people, with various intentions. 

If you have heard the word Tantra, you may understand it to mean a belief system of faith,

perhaps rooted in some form of Buddhism. 

Some may think Tantra is all about sexual gratification.

While others may think it is simply a form of meditation. 

Tantra can be all of these things... and more. 


Authentic Tantra (R)  can help you become more in tune with your body, to embrace pleasure

in every aspect of your life and help you learn how to use pleasure and sexual energy

as a way to heal the body and mind and wounds of the past.

It can give you a spiritual practice, teaching you to connect through meditation and pleasure practices. These methods  also help you to connect with the 5 Elements as they relate to the

5 senses of the body and the 5 Energy Centres as described in this lineage. 

Authentic Tantra (R) helps unite your sexuality with your spirituality. 

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University Student

"I first came to Alana in a pretty low vibrational state. I found that my sexual dysfunction would keep me in a victim mindset and unmotivated to move forward. Thankfully, Alana was very patient with me and gave me an arsenal of tools to use in different situations.

Every zoom session with her was a breath of fresh air and felt like her positivity and compassion were contagious. Not only is she very knowledgeable in Tantric practices to bring sexual balance back into your life, she can also use non-Tantric approaches for people who can't yet handle the wild nature of sexual energy just yet. She does an amazing job using her intuition to come up with tailored routines based on individual situations.

All of this and she is absolutely wonderful. She stays grounded and gives you suggestions from a place of strength and clarity. She is kind, heart-based (which I love), professional and respectful. She is a beautiful human being, both inside and out, and has been an absolute blessing to me and my journey towards spiritual and sexual empowerment. I am forever grateful to have her as a teacher and guide."

~ Amal A.