Elemental Tantra

Tantra.  What is it? 

Today, Tantra is used in many contexts by many people, with various intentions.  If you have heard the word Tantra, you may believe it to mean a belief system of faith rooted in some form of Buddhism.  Some may think it is all about sexual gratification. While others may think it is simply a form of meditation.  Tantra can be all of these things and more. 


Tantra can help you become more in tune with your body to embrace pleasure in every aspect of your life and help you learn how to use pleasure and sexual energy as a way to heal  some of the wounds of the past.

Lineage Tantra can give you a spiritual practice, teaching you to connect through Deity yoga practices (a form of meditation).  In particular, some Tibetan Tantra practices help you to connect with the 5 Elements as they relate to the 5 senses of the body and the 5 Energy Centres as described in this lineage.

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