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As a Certified Authentic Tantra ® Practitioner, Educator, and an ABS Certified Sexologist,  Alana is a personal and relationship coach, meditation instructor, and sexual therapist who is also trained in race and gender diversity, inclusion, and NVC (Non-violent communication).  She works with individuals and couples, empowering them to overcome dysfunction of body, mind, spirit, and sex.

I began “seeking” a new spiritual path in 2004.  Being raised in a dogmatic, repressive, and sometimes misogynistic religion, I was at first apprehensive when I thought about looking into other realms of spirituality.  I asked the universe/god/higher power for help and guidance in this journey and, not long afterwards, met Ruby, my first “mentor” in this ongoing search for enlightenment.  Ruby helped guide me through the maze of information I was "downloading" and one day, while meditating on finding my "soul purpose," the message came in loud and clear:   



Since then I have had the privilege and honour of acquiring knowledge and experience from many teachers and mentors in realizing my path to "ease suffering" for others, as well as for myself.  Over the years I have  helped many people overcome dysfunction of body, mind, and spirit, just as I have.  In this overcoming, we  also open our lives to receive the

Life we Desire and the Love we Crave.

As a teacher and coach, I incorporate my studies, experience, knowledge, and practices of meditation, neuroscience, energy healing, and Tantra,   to help people where they currently find themselves in life and help them create a path to the Life they desire

Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner (R) and Certified Sexologist, I help people overcome the sexual and emotional effects of traumatic experiences, sexual dysfunctions, and relationship issues. 

I would be happy to share my own story of healing, liberation, and freedom with you, and invite you to have a free consultation to discuss how I can help you on your own path.

There is much science today that supports how and why present moment practices, such as meditation, actually work.  This includes the science of Matter and Energy as they relate to the human body.   And you know what?  We can use these laws that govern us to realize liberation and freedom from the effects of stress, anxiety, and our past experiences.  We can use them to create the life we want, to find the love we deserve and to find joy in this world.

You can do it.  I can help.  Don't be shy, just

Reach Out.



"Overcome until you Become."

            ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

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