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Relationships ~ Dating ~ Looking for Love

Holding Hands


Yup. Relationships can be challenging.  We lead busy lives, and making time for the 'important things' sometimes gets overlooked, and then, in some cases, eventually we don't even know how to begin the conversation. 


What would that conversation even look like? 

How can we communicate without

judgment or shame? 

How can we tell our partner what we desire,

what we crave... without fear?

Begin here.  A safe, non-judgmental space is created where we will explore connection and communication along with Authentic Tantra® principles and methods. 

These things you will learn - you will take them with you into your daily lives together,

both IN and out of the bedroom.

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Connection.  Communication.  Better SEX!

Dating & Looking for Love.

Gay Couple Eating Popsicles

Gay Couple Eating Popsicles

Romantic Walk in Sunset

Romantic Walk in Sunset

Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Happy Senior Couple

Happy Senior Couple

Attraction.  Compatibility. Desire. Healing.

Human beings need loving connection.

We need and crave loving touch.


How do we attract what we desire? 

How can we have discernment when we are seeking that special person?

What can we do if we are shy, or have low self-esteem?

How do we get past trauma and wounding so that we can open ourselves up to love?

And how do we develop that attraction into a loving relationship?

Contact me for a free consultation and find out!

Image by James A. Molnar

2SLGBTQ+ Welcome!

Relationships and Looking for Love

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