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Rewiring the Brain and Body to Overcome Survival Superhighways.

The Journey of Overcoming.

We humans are very good at intellectualizing issues that we are trying to overcome. We can talk our way through things that come up in our psyche and tell ourselves that we have ‘dealt’ with it. Such as the effects of a traumatic event or events, adverse effects of some cultural or religious conditioning, or patterns developed due to living with medical or health issues. We just ‘deal.’ But do we really?

Until we change detrimental and habitual patterns of stress response (fight, flight, freeze, fawn), we will continue to have these struggles, these arguments, between our mind and our body.

Habitual patterns are like superhighways in our brain and nervous system. Neuropathways that have been deepened and reenforced through repeated use. Ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling that become so deeply engrained within us that they have become the ‘norm’ and therefore may seem impossible to change. These pathways can be very difficult to re-route or re-wire - unless we address how they manifest in the body, within the nervous system.

We can accomplish this re-wiring through mind-body techniques and practices such as visualizations or meditations combined with breathing techniques, somatic touch, and self-somatic practices. I call this the Journey of Overcoming, and it begins by finding a practitioner who can help to re-route your survival superhighways by providing somatic healing and by giving you the tools you need for somatic self-healing.

Now, because humanity has also been so sexually damaged through many and varying means (including abuse, sexual trauma, religious and cultural conditioning), it makes sense that our wounds manifest as blocks and triggers within the body that often lead to sexual dysfunction, intimacy issues, attachment, aversion, and more. These blocks can actually be held in the internal and external genital tissues themselves. Sexology and Tantra (authentic, lineage based) therefore, are very effective in working with these issues to overcoming them, allowing you to move forward in your life and love.

Sexual Healing. Genital Reflexology.

Sex itself can be very healing, if it is loving, consentual, and conscious. As seen in these diagrams, reflexology points inside the Yoni (vagina) and on the exterior of the Lingam (Penis and gonads), correspond to other organs within the body. Conscious and loving stimulation of these points while in union or in solo practice can, simply put, heal and remove blocks within these organs.

To learn more, including how orgasm is a very powerful tool in healing the body and overcoming issues and blocks, schedule a free consultation.

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