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What are you seeking?


Right now, human beings need somatic healing.  Getting out of the ‘monkey mind” that is

always “ON” – anxiety and worry about  the future or reliving and remembering the past,

never really in the present. The results are the symptoms that manifest.  Anxiety, depression, 

addiction,  emotional and physical issues.  Things that trigger us and we aren't even sure why.

What we need is feeling and experiencing in the body - the nervous system, the cells, the energy.

We need present moment practices such as breathing techniques in conjunction with touch, visualization,

meditation, and mindfulness.

Receiving Somatic healing can be very powerful, and is something that I provide. But what if you could be your own somatic healer?  Yes, you can, and I would be honored show you how

April 23


You may not know what you need right now, and that's OK. 

Let's get the conversation started and discover what you need, together.  

I facilitate a safe 'container' where you can speak freely and openly, without

fear of judgement or shame.  No censorship.  


It was not accidental, you finding your way here - to this site, at this time.

You are ready. Now is the time for transformation and for liberation from all

that is holding you back from living as your authentic self.

I have been helping people find the power within themselves to realize freedom and transformation for over 15 years.


Do not put it off any longer. Now is your time. 

Let's get the conversation started. Take the first step and reach out.

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"Truly, the greatest Gift you have to give

is that of your own

Self-transformation. "   

                                              ~ Lao Tzu 


Let's Focus on Solutions and Results,

moving forward and overcoming the blocks that can hold us back,

So we can Live here & now!

Live the LIFE you Desire by tapping into and balancing the Nervous System

The ancient masters of Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, long ago identified and leaned how to use the energy centers of the body as codes for overcoming and healing the issues and dysfunction of human beings, and for enlightenment.

Now, we humans may not be the same beings as we were thousands of years ago.  Our lifestyles, our environment, our physiology has changed.  That is why the modality of Authentic Tantra®  has adapted the practices set out thousands of years ago, to work with our bodies, minds, and nervous systems today, with the blessing and guidance of our root Lama.  And as he says "It is not magic or mysticism, it is science, it is our natural state of being. We have just forgotten."

There is much science today that supports how and why present moment practices, such as breathwork, visualization, and meditation actually work.  This includes the science of Matter and Energy as they relate to the human body.   And you know what?  We can use these laws that govern us to realize liberation and freedom from the effects of stress, anxiety, and our past experiences.  We can use them to create the life we want, to cultivate the love we deserve and to find joy in this world.