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A Meditation Practice,
A Path to Healing,
Help for your Relationship,
 More Peace & Contentment..
What do you Seek?
It's Time to Take Control!
It's Time to Create the Life You Desire!
But Where to Begin?
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Healing the Mind & Body

The body holds onto the memories and the emotions of past experiences,

 and even though our mind knows we need to heal, it can be very difficult and often feel overwhelming. 

But there is hope

"Truly, the greatest gift you have  to give is that of your own self-transformation. "

~ Lao Tzu 

Changing your

Perception can

Change your



Couple Meditating

Expand Your Awareness

What does it mean to Meditate? 

Do you find meditation to be an impossible practice?  Do you picture a serene yogi sitting on a pillow for hours trying to reach enlightenment?

You don't need to be a "yoga person" or a "spiritual person" to reap the benefits of meditation - You just need to be a person who wants to improve and grow and maybe even master some aspect of yourself.

Let's de-mystify the practice of meditation by learning the science behind present-moment practices, and why they work!


As a teacher, coach, and counselor, Alana believes in helping you tap into your own inner power to heal and change your life. 


She will teach you the methods to transform your health, overcome the wounds that you hold caused by past traumatic events such as abuse, relationships, disease, or accidents,  and help you attract what you need into your Life.


She will be your coach and your cheerleader and support you in your journey of transformation and growth.

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