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A Relationship Rooted in Truth

A relationship that is rooted in truth must also be rooted in trust.

How can we build this trust?

By building a safe container of Communication and Connection.

What do I mean by a “safe container?”

A “Safe Container” needs to be a space where we, as well as our partners, can feel safe and heard. It is an intimate time of sharing and honest conversation, of cultivating and repairing. It is a space, a time, a practice where we can reveal and share the tender and caring side of ourselves. Where we can express our deepest desires and our greatest fears.

It is a non-defensive and a non-offensive container, void of judgement or shame, where we build trust

It is a Gift that you will become more and more excited to open each time.

In this container we are committing to our relationship, committing and recommitting to each other. Showing up for each other with the mindset of being of service, and an attitude of “what can I contribute” rather than “what can I get."

This practice of sharing is not only important for the wellbeing of our relationship, it is also important to our own wellbeing and that of our partner, as it can be very healing and transformational. AND, when done as a regular practice, this manner of connection naturally works it’s way into our everyday, moment by moment, and even follows us into the bedroom for vibrant, juicy sexual communication.

As they say, Live, Love, Laugh! And what a delight to be able to experience all of these with our partner!

Until next time...

BE Well,

Alana Dayne

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