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Get what you BOTH Desire!
Tantra for Couples


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What do you Crave? 

What do you Desire?

What if you could talk to your partner freely and openly about what you desire, without shame or judgment?  What if your partner responded openly and positively?


What if you could increase your connection and communication so that you both get what you crave, in and out of the bedroom?

What if you could overcome and heal blocks and help your partner do the same?

This course is for all ages and relationship stages and will teach you how to improve your Relationship, your Intimacy, and your SEX on a level you never though possible.  Couples who attend this class are often surprised to find that they have similar fantasies or desires, but were afraid to talk to their partner about it.  Through the connection and communication of this workshop they find that their partner is willing to try new things together.  Because, let's face it, if we don't ask for what we want, how will it happen?

This is a 5.5 to 6--hour day Workshop, including a catered lunch.

$499..00 per couple.



Grab a coffee, tea, refreshment from the offerings and mingle, then find/choose your spot.

  • Welcome

    • Receive workshop packages - diagrams, instructions, Juicy Journal, Tantra Play gifts, and more

    • Introduce and share

  • Tuning In & Connection

    • Get comfy, become present and release any anxiety or anxiousness​

  • The Sex Chakra, The Fire Element and The Uma Nadi  

    • what are they and how they work together to heal and clear blocks and allow for Mind-blowing orgasms!

    • Fire Element and Sex Chakra visualization/meditation


  • Tantric Temple – learn how to create a Tantric “play” space integrating the 5 Elements of Tibetan Tantra.

  • Connection & Communication

    • Tantric Breathwork – synchronize your heartbeats and share energy with each other..

    • creating a safe container in which to openly share your desires and fears with your partner - without shame or judgement.  


Q & A

---------------------------------------------  Lunch ----------------------------------------


  • "Talk Dirty to Me" - Tantric Speech

  • Desires and Cravings

    • Discussion

    • ​Private journaling 

  • Sometimes the Journey is as good as the Destination

    • Orgasmic Awareness - before the explosion!

  • The Art of Tantric Massage for Partners (silicone models)

    • Yoni - Female Body

    • Lingam - Male Body.  

Q & A


*Note:  This is a fully-clothed workshop.  Please plan on wearing loose, comfortable clothing or yoga clothes.*

"In the house of Lovers, 

the Music never stops,

the walls are made of Songs,

and the floor Dances."


Looking for a more risqué style Couples Workshop?  Contact to learn more about booking Private, Exclusive Adult Retreats and Workshops.

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