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What, Why, & How

We all can feel "stuck" in some aspects of our lives in varying degrees.  We may even have some aspects of "ME" that are going well - our career, or our relationship, or our finances.  But there is always something we wish we could change. It may be an emotional block,  a physical challenge, a financial issue - every human being has something in their lives that they would like to improve, to overcome, to heal.

And yes, sometimes staying stuck seems easier than moving on.  So why would we want  change? We WANT to improve, don’t we?  We want better health, don’t we?  We want to overcome and be free of our past wounds that control us, don’t we?  We would like to Flourish rather than just survive, wouldn't we?  What would that look like?   Or are we so addicted to the hormones of stress that we can’t imagine being without them? 

"Who would I be without this pain?"

"Without the sympathy I garner from telling my story over and over to others?"

"Without the feelings & emotions of the story I tell myself, that I relive over and over in my mind? "

We may reason that “I am this way because of this person in my life or this event that happened to me.” 


Now, this is where I may lose some of you, if you are not ready, but stay with me anyway… 

In fact, we may create situations in our daily lives, without being consciously aware of it, that induce these same hormones of stress, because that is how our body has become accustomed to living.  This is the personality we have created.   Subconscious programming, we may not even be aware of that results in this perpetual habit.   The problem with this way of living, in the hormones of stress, is that it is not really LIVING and it is detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Things will only get worse if we continue in this way.

Deep down, we know what needs changing - it’s US.  This is the reality that can be challenging for some.   Sure, it is easy to blame our problems on outside sources, our outside environment of people and experiences.  And yes, sub-conscious programming from our upbringing, our past, our culture, and our religion can contribute to our current reality of who we are.  But this programming can be changed.  It can be re-wired.


OK, great.  But How?  And why is change so difficult? 

If we really want to change, if we see that there is some aspect of ourselves that needs "fixing" or improving, we need to OWN IT - plain and simple.  We need to take responsibility for our lives. We need to realize that we have created this life we are currently living, whether by sub-conscious programming or by conscious choice.  Now, we DO know what needs changing and we know why - But how do we truly own it?  How do we get out of our own way, so to speak?

We think about starting, we maybe even make some feigned attempts at self-improvement.  We can even obsess over WHAT is the best course of action to make our lives better.  What healing method will help my body?  What therapy will help my emotional state?  Which self-help book or course can help me open up my mind and bring change?  These question can be used an an excuse not to try.  

Perhaps we are even aware that self-realization and meditation based methods have been proven to work but we are apprehensive when it comes to exploring these avenues of healing, or perhaps have tried some methods without success.  We may tell ourselves things like:


"I am too busy to make time for myself" or

"I don't want to be selfish" or

"I can't sit still to meditate" or

"I just can't move forward, it's too hard."


It is time to start living like that person you long to be!


Science-based, sprit guided, present moment techniques are what is needed now. Let's unveil and remove the mysticism of the practice of meditation and other seemingly esoteric practices.  You do not need to be a mystic, a yogi, or a Buddhist - you just need to be a human being that wants to take the steps to improve and live the life of your dreams  - healthy and abundant.

Come on, let's do it together.  I can guide you and be your coach in this journey.  You don't need to do it alone.

Calm Woman

“When you understand the

What and the Why,

the How gets easier.”

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