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Blissful Babes

Wired for Pleasure!


We are all feeling it lately, to some degree. Tired, emotionally drained, and physically exhausted.

We try to maintain our roles as mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, employees, employers, teachers, and caregivers. 

"We may ask ourselves "If not me, then who?

And what about you?  What about your wellbeing?  Will you just keep "soldiering on"    .  

If you want:

  • To overcome the effects of trauma and how it is impacting your ability to live you life to the fullest.

  • Be able to not only find some peace, but find JOY in our Life!

  • Overcome feelings and emotions of guilt and shame.

  • Find the energy and time to fuel up your own tank.

Learn how to overcome the effects of Trauma to your Mind and Body. o

Did you know that our bodies are literally wired for pleasure?

Reclaim Your Feminine Power!

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