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Self-Love, Self-care, Self-pleasuring!

Updated: May 28, 2023

Masturbation is such a clinical term for something that opens the pleasure pathways in the body and can promote healing. I prefer the term “Self Pleasuring.” So, how can self-pleasuring be healing for the body? I am sooo glad you asked!

First of all, pleasure is very important to a long, happy human existence. In fact, the Tibetan Buddhist tradition teaches that there are 4 forms of pleasure – Physical, Emotional, Sexual, and Spiritual. And when employing the methods of Authentic Tantra ®, self-pleasuring can help you to embrace pleasure in all it’s forms AND help you to have mind-blowing, extended, and multiple orgasms.

Now, unfortunately, mainly due to religious and cultural conditioning, sexual self-pleasuring is often frowned upon, sometimes even forbidden, and a form depravity. Throughout the generations, in many cases, we have even been taught that masturbation is something you only do when you don't have a partner or something you do to “get off” quickly or release pent up energy. I would also like to mention a very important point here – males have also been taught, especially in western society, that an orgasm is when you have an ejaculation. None of this is true! Embracing your sexuality is your birthright and an important part of being human. Now, obviously, too-frequent ejaculation can be detrimental to a male body. At the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, we have a guideline for the frequency of ejaculation according to health, age, energy levels, and whether the male is practicing enrichment exercises such as those taught by practitioners of Authentic Tantra®.

Female bodies are capable of 15 different forms of orgasm and male bodies 14 different forms. And these orgasms can be healthy and healing, if done in the proper way and with the proper intention. Self Love, Self Care, learning, exploration, and Healing are reasons and intentions for self-pleasuring. But a quickie masturbation is not what I am talking about. I am talking about long, luscious orgasm that comes from taking our time, caressing, loving, playing, experimenting, and the techniques of Authentic Tantra®. These techniques and methods can include Orgasmic Awareness Practice and Tantric Masturbation, along with visualizations and creating a Tantric Temple atmosphere.

What are these other forms of orgasm? Again, so glad you asked.

The different flavors of orgasm available to adult human male bodies are:

1. Prostate Orgasms

2. Anal Friction

3. Anal Combo

4. Blended Anal and Lingam.

5. Manual Non-Ejaculatory

6. Wave-like or Fluid

7. Ripples or Shivers

8. No Emission/No Block

9. HeartGasms

10. Perineal

11. Nipple

12. Full Body

13. Energy

14. Ejaculatory

The flavors of orgasm available to female bodies are:

1. Clitoris

2. G-spot.

3. U-spot

4. A-spot

5. Cervical

6. Uterine

7. P-spot

8. Perineal Sponge

9. Anal.

10. Nipple or Breast

11. Blended

12. Ejaculatory

13. Vaginal (whole vagina)

14. Whole body

15. Energy orgasms

So, how can you start to experience and embrace other forms of orgasm?

With teaching and practice.

Orgasm is one of the most powerful energies of human beings. The ancient Tibetan Tantra masters say that “every orgasm if a glimpse of enlightenment.” Orgasm can help you overcome blocks and heal if it is allowed to take it’s normal path and move throughout the body. Yes, allowing the orgasmic energy, the electricity and power of an orgasm, to move through the channels of the body can heal emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

Yup, that “quickie you give yourself, ain’t gonna cut it. You want to learn the techniques of how to have multiple, mind-blowing orgasms that give your vibrancy, heal, and give moments of enlightenment. You gotta make time for yourself! Your self-care is important! We need fuel up our own tanks or we will have nothing to give. So, set a date with yourself. Put it in your calendar and make it an important meeting you cannot miss. Give your self-care, self-pleasuring practice the same importance as you would a doctor’s appointment. Do NOT miss it or cancel it and - stop rescheduling it.

I would be honored to help you heal through self-care, self-love, and self-pleasuring practices. Reach out for a confidential, free consultation.

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