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Learn Tantric Secrets for Menopause Relief

Happy Couple

For some of us, menopause means that we have no interest in sex.  We do not find ourselves attractive and we are not attracted to our partner.  But our male partners are still attracted to us, they are still desiring the closeness that comes with sex (and some just need to get off, let’s face it).

Yes, there are some methods and therapies that can help menopausal women with their libido, some women, even some Tantric methods.  For others, sex is the last thing we want, even with ourselves. It doesn’t even cross our minds until our partner expresses his needs and desires.  And then we think about it, the vaginal dryness, the pain, the lack of desire or even stamina at this stage of our lives.  Menopause can worsen the symptoms of other conditions as well, such as arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy, and many more.  These symptoms can add to our  lack of desire when our partner wants us, craves us – and then we may feel pressure, anger, and resentment, or worse – guilt.

What if you can give your partner a sexual experience with some of the best orgasms he has ever experienced without actually needing to have intercourse?  I am not talking about giving him the green light to find other sexual partners, I am talking about Tantric Lingam Massage. 

This technique not only gives him immense pleasure, but it is also a healing art form.  And best of all you can be intimate without intercourse.  He is happy, you are happy, everyone wins!

Workshop Details

Instruction and teachings will include:

  • Preparing yourself with Tantric visualizations and breathing

  • Creating the best setting

  • Options for positioning to make sure you are both comfortable

  • Tantric Visualizations

  • Breathing techniques for him

  • Tantric Massage

  • Lingam Massage

  • Somatic touch

  • Sound healing techniques

  • Q & A

  • Documents and diagrams to take home

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