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Fabulous Females
of the Flower Moon

May 23, 2024
7:30 - 9:30 PM

Gathering & Workshop

Alana Dayne
D'Arcy Bruning Haid

Private home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  (Address given upon registration)

Through the ages, the full Moon in the month of May has had many names.  The Indigenous peoples in North America have called it ‘the Budding Moon. Planting Moon, or Egg Laying Moon. Celtic names included Hare Moon or Mother’s Moon.  Obviously spring is a time of copulating (think bunnies!), planting, and planning for summer. I like the name Flower Moon (most common), as it brins to mind the flowers that begin blooming in spring, and the time when I plant flower seeds inside for seedlings, for planting in my gardens as soon as the weather allows.  To me, it is a sign that summer will soon be here!​

Our April Full Moon event was a big success! And I had already started planning this spring Flower Moon event to be even better! Full moons can bring about a sense of excitement due to their increased energy, fostering both personal and collective growth. Many of us view full moons as a time of heightened emotions, increased clarity, and of confirmation.

We may experience a strong sense of optimism and a willingness to take risks or embrace new opportunities during the flower moon. This empowering energy can assist you in overcoming the effect of insecurities or past experiences that that have been dimming your light, or creating blocks for you.

As many of you know, when I lived in Belize and Guatemala, the Maya Women believed that the full moon enriched a woman's body, renewed her strength, and fed her soul.  Allowing one’s naked body  to be bathed in moonlight would nourish her skin and bring out her natural beauty. Even siting with face upturned towards the full moon would energize while also bringing a sense of serenity.  So of course, when I lived there, I would get naked and dance in the full moon light, whenever possible. And… I still do! 

For me, the Flower Full Moon also brins to mind the beautiful, fragrant flowers

that my friend Don Jorge described as  Huele de noche, which means

‘night smells’ or ‘night scents’.  These amazing flowers would open their

blooms to the night, especially to the full moon, and then close up with the

sunrise.  The scent is seductive and intoxicating!

This year's Sagittarius Flower Moon is an excellent time period to assess and

recommit to long-term goals and personal beliefs. So we will be discovering and

connecting with our true authenticity. with the intention of building our confidence

and re-igniting our dreams.

What you can expect at this event:


  • Connection and comradery.

  • Breathwork to regulate the nervous system so that we can relax and get the most out of this event.

  • Guided meditation to  enrich our inner creativity and enjoyment.

  • Full Moon bathing ritual instructions, to enjoy in the bath and also in the moonlight, and tips for when you get home (the full moon rises at 10:11PM in Winnipeg)

  • Yoni yoga and tricks to ignite your spark!

  • Movement and music!

  • Discussion and sharing

  • Refreshments & snacks

Space is limited so please REGISTER early.

$30 payable via e-transfer  OR


*Please be advised that SPACE IS LIMITED.  If you  prefer to  pay cash at the time of the event,  please note that we cannot save your spot, or guarantee there will be space available for you..  

Image by Kateryna Ivanova

A special opportunity for you!

Spring & Summer mini session! 45 minute session with Alana. 

This opportunity is open to event attendees only.

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