Alana began “seeking” a new spiritual path in 2005.  Being raised in a dogmatic and suppressing religion, she was at first apprehensive when she though about looking into other realms of spirituality.  She “prayed” for help and quickly met Ruby, her first “mentor” in her search for enlightenment.  This mentor helped her to find her soul purpose one day during a deep meditation. 

The message came very clearly:  “EASE SUFFERING.”

Since then, she has gained knowledge and experience from many spiritual teachers and healers and has been effectively helping others overcome dysfunction of body, mind, and spirit, just as she has.

Alana is a coach that incorporates her studies and practice of meditation, science, energy healing, Tantra, Reiki, and massage to help people where they currently are in life and help them

create a path to the life they desire. 

As a former Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner (which also afforded her the title of Certified Sexologist with ACS), she also helps people overcome the sexual and emotional effects of traumatic events, sexual dysfunctions, and relationship issues.

If you choose to have a session with Alana, she would be happy to share her own story of discovery, overcoming and healing.

Currently Alana is studying the science of Matter and Energy as they relate to the human body and how we can use these laws that govern us to realize liberation and freedom from the effects of our past.


"Overcome until you Become."

                       ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

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